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Gaitways Track your Miles

Gaited Morgan Horse Organization

Gaitways Program


The Gaitways Program has been developed to recognize Gaited Morgan Horse Organization Club Members for the time spent enjoying your Registered Morgan Horse/s.  As you Trail Ride, Show, Drive, Train, attend Expos, parades, or clinics, you are  an ambassador for the Gaited Morgan and the Morgan Horse Breed, promoting the versatility of our great horse.  While enjoying activities with your horse you can also accumulate hours that can earn  nice  awards.

Who Can Join

  1. You must be a Gaited Morgan Horse Organization Member
  2. You must pay an individual lifetime fee of $25 and complete the GMHO Gaitways Application

Gaited Morgan Horse Organization

Gaitways Program




1. GMHO Member at the time of logged hours

2. GMHO Gaitways member of $25 lifetime fee

3. Registered Morgan with number

4. Logged hours not limited to just one horse

5. Recorded hours on GMHO Gaitways log sheets only

6. No time limit for accumulating hours for awards


T Shirts Awarded for 100, 250, 500, 750 logged hours

Jackets Awarded for 1000, 1500, 2500, 4000 logged hours

Each T-Shirt or Jacket will be custom ordered with your name , the GMHO Logo and hours achieved

Start Logging your GMHO Gaitway Hours NOW!!

Gaitways application form

Gaitways application fWhat Hours Count

Enjoy Trail Riding, Driving, Showing, Competitive riding, Training, attending clinics and expositions.

Hours must be on a GMHO Gaitways Log Sheet

Gaitways Log Sheet

Gaitways Log Sheet

Gaitways log sheet page 1