Gaited Morgan Videos

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This gallery shows the variety of gaits one can enjoy with a gaited Morgan.

MaryMels Mystery…now 24 years old sold now living in Idaho and still servicing mares.

KTM Shadowflax Silver Dapple Stallion

KTM Gold Wind Walker

Members Jared Young and Brent Skidmore riding Gaited Morgans

Why a Morgan Horse?


Missouri Morgans

LeDans Wind n Stone

Caduceus Moses while he was at Missouri Morgans

Lancelots Sir Tristan SOLD

2009 Gelding by Silvershoe Sampson x MaryMels Rhapsody in Blue $2000 offers considered

Do More Flash Dance


Ken Thomas Stallion

Fun foal

Members Jared Young and Brent Skidmore riding Gaited Morgans

DBar J Gaited Mare owned by Angie Nadon

Missouris Dandy Darlin and Missouris Silver Lynn Missouris Dandy Boy

Missouris Black Pearl with Dan Simmons

Ledan’s Wind and Stone Wow Again!

Ledan’s Wind and Stone…Wow!

Gaited Morgan mare Tinkers (reg name Chantell Belle) at 6 years by Silvershoe Colorado Moab X Cache Vu Brandy-wine owned by Lin and Sue Hokana, California

Bucksnort’s Silver Eagle at Hunter Hill Morgan Farm

SilverSlipper a Tapping gaited Morgan mare owned and ridden by Ann Biggs

DIA H Dandy Walker owned by Lancelot Morgans

Silvershoe YDR Smokey Gold

Silvershoe Sampson owned by Lancelot Morgans, Florida

Sky Sadie with Alice Rossington

Don Bahr

Missouris Gold Mine

Dia H Dark Sprite owned by Ken Thomas

Sky Lite Gaited Morgan mare owned by Alice Rossington

MaryMels Classy Chasis

Lone Peak Tiara and Ken Thomas

Brent Skidmore riding Sky Grandy 2002 palomino gelding

Sky Spirit gaited Gelding owned by Missouri Morgans

Gaited Morgans riding Monument Valley 2011

Missouris Silverado 2010 Gray Gaited stallion

MaryMels Hi C 1993 Chestnut mare

Missouris Silver Lynne (Silvershoe Colorado Moab x Miss Emily) bred by Larry Barlow

Missouris Pretty Boy 2010 weanling colt (Missouris Dandy Boy x RLJ Lovely Katie)

Diamond H Snowgoose bred by DiamonH Morgans

Gray Gaited Colt

Missouris Coal Train

2009 Gaited Morgan Filly by Caduceus Moses owned by Lance Lester

aka MaryMels Classy Chasis

MaryMels Chocolate Miss

Harley the Road King by Jan Mabie Pace x MaryMels Hi C bred by Brent Thompson

Gaited Mare at Rainbow’s Gait owner Sue Schaenzer

MaryMels Yellowbird x MaryMels Rosebud produced this nice young gelding owned by Sue LeClair Colorado Springs, CO

Yearling gaited Morgan filly by Silvershoe Colorado Moab x MaryMels Merry Widow owned by Rhonda Pruett, Peculiar Missouri

And here is the same filly as a weanling owned by Rhonda Pruett

Product of Silvershoe Sampson and Silvershoe Selena naturally gaited singlefooting filly owned by Lance Lester, Florida

Rainbow’s Gait gaited Morgan filly “Grace”


Missouris Black Crystal gaited filly by Caduceus Moses x MaryMels Merry Widow

Missouris Black Pearl gaited filly by Caduceus Moses x Silvershoe Selena

13 yo Gaited Morgan mare Dia H Lilli by Dia H Scooter X Dia H Jolie  

Caduceus Moses owned by Lance Lester Okeechobee Florida

Petanios Summer Pride owned by Jared Young American Fork Utah

Beau  owned by Noel Powers

Athena aka Blondie owned by Noel Powers, California

YdR Silvershoe Smokey Gold owned by Lance Lester

Missouris Silver Lynne owned by Jim and Vali Suddarth

Missouris MOJO Emmy owned by Rhonda Pruett Peculiar Missouri

AFS Sir Dallas Ander gaited owned by Cando Morgans Wyoming

Missouris Silver Rhythm as a weanling

Missouris Silver Rhythm as a yearling