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Member Profile Dan Young our new Vice President 2014

Dan Young dan on mountain

Hello Everyone,

My name is Dan Young.  Riding, breeding, and training horses have always been my passions in life. I have always tried to spend all of my spare time messing around with horses. Some of my first memories are climbing up the poles of the horse corral during feeding time, jumping on an old horse’s neck, and scooting down a broad back to enjoy the sunshine on a cold winter day. As a boy, I found I could make a loop in a twine string and get it in the horse’s mouth, climb the fence and jump on the horse to go for a short jog.

My boys and daughter have shared my interest in horses. Maybe they didn’t have a choice because they were riding before they could walk. My son Jared just can’t refuse a good gaited Morgan horse. We are always promoting this great breed.  Now others in the family and among our friends have them too so we can go riding together. My brothers have some they bought from Mel Frandsen, Ken Thomas, and Gary Grey. We do a lot of fishing and hunting trips together. My brother Mike and his wife Mary were on a fishing trip, riding their horses to a favorite Idaho lake when they found a girl named Hannah Anderson who had been kidnapped. She was rescued and we are all proud of that.

When I got my first gaited Morgan horse from Gary Grey I found what I had been looking for. My kind of horse needed to be as strong and agile as the mustang that I had when I was fourteen; something that could chase the hounds, mountain lions, and bears over the mountains. I wanted a horse that was intelligent, as good looking as a horse can get with a great head and conformation. The head tells so much about a horse, doesn’t it? The eyes can tell it all. I want a horse with a lot of go in him so all I have to do is check him once in a while to tell he can last the whole ride and go again tomorrow. I’m old enough that I want a horse that is also so smooth going up and down the rough elk trails that I feel like I’m in my rocking chair at home. I have found all of these things in the gaited Morgan horse. This ain’t no exaggeration.

I hope to continue breeding the same kind of horse that some other people in Utah have already bred. Jared and I have two great looking stallions and some of the best mares we could find. I won’t compromise on the mares. They must only be only the best. I believe if you consistently want to get good gaited Morgans you need to breed the best gaited mares to the best gaited stallion you can find. Our palomino stallion is out of Mary Mels Goldilocks and Silvershoe Sampson. Our homozygous black stallion is “GRM In The Black”. Our mares are Silvershoe Shyanne, Silvershoe Irish Rose, Silvershoe Shasta, Silvershoe Jasmine, KTM Cream Soda, and Mary Mels Swinger. We have some others we bought from Brent Skidmore and Ken Thomas.

One of my favorite horses to ride is Silvershoe Shyanne. She is one of the last daughters of “Mary Mels Calypso” and is out of “Caduceus Moses”. I rode her on the Elk hunt this year with Jared, and this summer she had one of the best looking foals I have ever seen. We had a great foal crop this year, and I can’t wait for them to grow up and show me their gait.

Now I have too many good ones to ride all of them as they should be ridden. Well, maybe you can’t have too much of a good thing in this life. I’ve seen some of the bad that life has to offer, and my horses give me something good.

Maybe I’ll see you on the trail sometime.

Dan Young


          Member Profile   Thomas Morgans of Richfield Utah


I’m Ken Thomas.  I grew up with Morgan horses from the time I was big enough to sit behind my dad or grandfather. I got my first morgan mare when I was 15  and in 1975 my father purchased a weanling colt named Nicolas Bradt Pace (Teton Dan Patch X Tetonia Lupine). This liver chestnut colt was very stong gaited and from the time we trained him to drive and ride as a 2 yr old, I fell in love not only with the horse but with the gait.

We began breeding our 2 Morgan mares and have focused on gait ever since. I currently have 8 mares and stand 2 stallions and generaly raise between 5 and 8 foals a year. I love the Morgan for all of its attributes and we try to raise good Morgans with sound minds and good dispositions first of all -we then focus on gait. We expect our horses to have the versatility for which the Morgan breed is famous. They are family horses first but some have excelled in reining and many are quite “cowey.” We trail ride and pack and hunt in the mountains of Utah and the single-foot helps us to cover alot of ground in Cadillac style.

Lancelot Morgans Okeechobee Florida

lance on indyLancelot Morgans combines fine breeding and optimal training centers to provide the ultimate of horses. Our training facility includes 2 water runs, one of which is deep enough for the horses to swim through, 80 acres of pasture, carriages, and a training and riding ring.  All horses are handled and trained daily.  We pay special attention to our babies to make sure they are well-mannered, calm, and well-trained. We have bred and trained horses so that the horse may have no fears, no obstacles it may not be able to cross, no event it cannot achieve, and the strength to do it all for days on end.

FOXTON MORGANS NEAR DENVER012.jpg   Mountain Raised Horsespics/Redwingniceface.jpg  Medicine Wheel Redwing

Nancy and Thom Harris

Thom & Nancy Harris
23502 resort Creek Rd.
Foxton, Co 80433
303 838-5894
[email protected]

We are a working horse ranch 1 hr SW of Denver with over 4000 acres divided into 20 pastures to provide rotational grazing to our horses and to client horses. We currently run around 50 head on the ranch. We have summer pasture for easy access, winter pasture with feed for young and older horses or easy access. Also have excellent grazing in winter pastures where we only have to feed when it is cold or snowy. Where a horse can be a horse.

Raising Morgans since 1975 we breed for temperment, type and gait. Our Morgans are considered to be “Old Type” Morgans. Around 14.3 H -15.1, 1000# on average . Some of the Flyhawk blood , which our original Mare (SH Crescent) and her son ( Teton Easy Rythm) had, has produced some larger offspring such as Foxton Shadowhawk. Owned and driven by Larry (Vic) Vicroy.

Both of our Morgan stallions and a few of our mares are strongly gaited , doing a stepping pace, running walk and Foxtrot.



Bessia Morgans

God Bless the USA!!

Bessia Morgans

Big Sky Country of Montana

Welcome to Bessia Morgans

Lima, Montana

Celebrating 30 years of
breeding Foundation Morgans

Home of Sharthunder, a Morgan International
Cowhorse Association champion stallion


Bessia Morgans
PO Box 133
1033 Bessia Lane
Lima, MT  59739-0133
(406) 276-3339

Bessia Morgans, owned and operated by Dorothea Hildreth, is located in Southwestern Montana at the mouth of scenic Big Sheep Creek near Lima. We are only 90 minutes from Idaho Falls, Idaho and 2 hours from Butte, Montana. Not only are we in a convenient location, we are also near one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world, Yellowstone National Park. It is only about 90 miles to this wonder of nature.

Bessia Morgans specializes in breeding high quality and usable Morgan horses for the serious rider. We have an outstanding selection of very high quality sale prospects.  Many Morgan breeders use Bessia Morgan stock in their programs, such as SSS Morgans, Alberta and Bucksnort Morgans, Minnesota.  Many more breeders also use Bessia stock.  Please drop us a line if you would like more information.  You can see our latest crop of foals on our sale barnpage.

The stallion, Sharthunder, represents blood-lines of the most famous and highest quality Morgan horses including: Flyhawk, Jubilee King, Red Correll and Sentola bloodlines.  All of our Morgans are DNA tested.

Our foals are some of the most gentle and workable that have ever been used.  Bessia Morgan offspring are bred from the lines of the Western Working Families of the Morgan Breed.  They can be trained in all aspects of horsemanship including, but not limited to, Stock Horse, Cutting, Reining, Trail, Hunting or even just pulling a cart around.  They also show beautifully at halter.

Morgan horses have long been used for work, sport, and pleasure. We have some of the most superb Morgan horses here at Bessia Morgans that you could ever ask to see.  Ask about our 4-H and FFA discounts.





Bucksnorts Silver Eagle                           Missouris Rockin Robin


Stan Hunter                                                     Janet Hunter



We are located 10 miles west of Interstate 57 in southern Illinois near the Shawnee National Forest. We are raising and training gaited Morgan horses for trail riding. Our farm program was developed to breed Morgans with an easy going temperament, trail stamina and a smooth way of going. We are standing two Morgan stallions with these qualities – a black, gaited foundation, Bucksnort’s Silver Eagle, and a gaited chestnut, Missouris Rockn Robn. Bred to our mares they have produced many gaited Morgan foals. Check out our Horses For Sale page for pictures and information about all our mares and geldings – gaited and non-gaited for sale. Our Sales List page is a listing of all the horses for sale.
We use natural horsemanship training methods garnered from many programs. We are constantly studying & learning from each horse and training methods. All our foals are desensitized from birth using Dr Robert Miller’s methods. They are handled daily and taught basic lessons such as respect for humans and yielding to pressure.
Our gaited Morgan horses are naturally gaited. No special training, altered trimming or shoeing are needed to enjoy their natural way of going. They gait at liberty and undersaddle.
Visitors are always welcome!

LeDan Morgans in Arizona Dan and Letha Simmons


Dan and Letha own and operate LeDan Morgans, a Morgan farm in Mescal, Southern Arizona.  They have both gaited and non-gaited Western Working type Morgans but are now focused on breeding quality gaited Morgans.  Letha is the president of the Arizona Morgan Horse Association and Dan is a frequent article contributor to several equine magazines and Morgan club newsletters including The Morgan Horse, Trail Rider, and our own.  They are also involved in several other horse organizations and clubs, and do a lot of trail riding around the country including occasional cattle round-ups on neighboring ranches with their Morgans.  On Letha’s to-do list is also driving with some of their Morgans.  The video below is a visual intro to their farm and horses.


Member Paula Dennis

Paula rides palo Paula Camping Paula and others on horses