April 2019Good morning!
Look! We have green grass! Dare I say winter 2019 has come to an end? We’ve been known to have snow in late April, but I hope this year isn’t one of them!
Things are starting to take shape, we’ve had our first regional show of the year, Citrus Cup, and daily I’m receiving applications for Star Rated shows, AMHA medal classes, and renewals for the Champion Title Program! Note below that Medallion has changed its locale for the 2019 show.
Until next month! Enjoy the springtime weather!
My best,Chris
chris@morganhorse.comAMHA NewsChanges to 2019 Morgan Medallion ClassicThe Morgan Medallion Classic has changed both its dates and location for the 2019 show. It will now take place July 18-21 at the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center, located in Las Vegas. This fully air-conditioned facility is one of the premier equestrian facilities in the West and is located inside the South Point Hotel and Casino. This year’s show manager is Kent Moeller and Kristin Stivers is the judge. 
The Medallion show committee is excited to move to this great venue! For more information on this year’s show go to’t Miss Out–Subscribe Now!The next issue of The Morgan Horse magazine carries the theme of “Morgan People” with 13 profiles about people in our industry. We focus on some of the colorful backstories that make our community so interesting. For instance, did you know that Tom and Teri Brisco are championship ballroom dancers? Janet Morris has published more than 40 novels of historical fiction? Julie Shample is Chief of Staff to renowned economist Larry Summers? We’ll also profile breeder Clare Simpson’s career in the entertainment world, Chris MacLuckie’s 5,000-mile ride from Canada to Guatemala on a Morgan mare, Jack Johnson’s historical Morgan herd in the Pacific Northwest, and much more.
In order not to miss this unique content subscribe by April 26th to receive your copy in the mail. Call today! (802) 985-4944 ext. 203.AMHECT Awards Grants to Morgan ShowsThis year, 5 percent of the net from the AMHECT/World Morgan Futurity Stallion Service Auction was made available for the AMHA grant program for financially challenged Morgan competitionsThe 2019 show grant recipients are: C-Fair Charity Regional Show, Central Region Morgan Horse Show, Key Classic Benefit, Morgan Medallion Regional, New York State Breeders, Oregon Morgan Classic, Silver Cup, Southern States Regional, and Tri- State All Morgan Horse Show.
For more information on the AMHA Show Grant Program, contact AMHA at (802) 985-4944 or go to TMH Discount Not FunctioningIf you want to order The Morgan Horse magazine at the AMHA member rate, please note, the member discount code currently is not functioning. Please call our office at (802) 985-4944 to renew so you don’t miss an issue!Spring Is Here!Now is the perfect time of year to get outdoors, saddle up, and ride your Morgan! And if you enroll in AMHA’s My Morgan and Me program, you’re also eligible for awards, just for spending time in the saddle!
AMHA recognizes the special bond that exists between a horse and rider and created this simple program. Just record the hours spent with your Morgan, which includes all non-competitive activity time. We understand the value of groundwork, grooming, and just enjoying quality time with your Morgans and program includes all activities! And please note, you don’t have to own a Morgan to participate! The points count for the rider, not the horse, so as long as you are spending time with a registered Morgan, add up the hours! Lesson horses count too!
AMHA uses the honor system for this popular program. Contact AMHA by mail, fax, or email to tell us when you achieve a new hour milestone and we’ll update your record. When you submit this information to us, we would love for you to include a paragraph or two about how you achieved these hours with your Morgan. You can also send us a photo!
An AMHA membership is required and participants will submit a $25 application fee when they submit their new hour milestone.
For more information, go to or call AMHA at (802) 985-4944.AMHA Judging Standards Committee Yearly UpdateTO: All Morgan JudgesFROM: AMHA Judging Standards CommitteeRE: Yearly Update – April 2019
The clocks have made their spring ahead, the promise of warmer temperatures and longer hours of sunlight is upon us and show season 2019 is here. As USEF judges, the decisions you make have a direct effect on the future of the Morgan breed. Your selections are used as guidance by breeders, exhibitors and spectators alike. This update is designed to keep you “up to speed” with show ring trends, both good and bad, so the decisions you make should be in the best interest of our breed.
The Judging Standards Manual states: “We believe every exhibitor has an absolute right to expect his or her horse to be judged against the same criteria regardless of who is judging or in what part of the country the show is held. It is the function of the committee to establish this standard…devise and recommend to the Board ways to see that it’s universally accepted and adhered to…and research methods to generally upgrade the quality and consistency of our Morgan horse judging.”
A. Hunter PleasureThe hunter pleasure horse should appear to be carrying his body in a natural frame with ease of motion and without evidence of undue restraint. His motion starts from the hind end and progresses through his shoulders, which allows him to carry his head in the correct frame with quiet, relaxed collection. He should never appear to have his frame controlled by the bridle, be behind the bit, or appear to be pulling himself around on the forehand. Transitioning from the trot to the extended trot is a ground covering motion- Not go faster or higher! The canter and extended canter should follow the same progressive movement forward. The walk should be free-moving and relaxed, not tense or anticipating. When judging the Hunter Pleasure horse remember that although a Morgan naturally moves in the arch of a circle the Hunter Pleasure horse must exhibit elliptical movement as well. A Morgan Hunter Pleasure horse should travel with twice the length of stride as height, and should demonstrate SENSE OF PURPOSE! 
Hunter Pleasure is the most popular section within the Morgan division. We as judges must be diligent in looking for the correct Hunter Pleasure horse that reflects the criteria of the Standard. When judging pay attention to the rule governing the length of shank on hunter curb and Pelham bits.
B. Unnatural Tail CarriagePlease stay diligent with your penalizing the unnatural tail carriage. “Unnatural tail carriage includes evidence of tail setting and/or break-over, dead tail, wry tail (wry tail is defined as twisted, carried askew or distorted). Judges have an obligation to see that tails carried vertically with an abrupt break-over are penalized. It must be noted that there has been great improvement in this area.
C. SuitabilityAs per the judging standards manual: “A horse placed first in a class judged on performance, quality and manners could justifiably be not placed against the same horses if the class were judged on manners, quality and performance.” Please remember, the order of performance criteria changes from class to class e.g.- Open, Amateur, Junior Exhibitor, Ladies, etc. Junior Exhibitor horses must have impeccable manners.
D. Classic PleasureThis section of the Morgan division has grown and become one the most popular sections of the division. Please pay strict attention to the walk and transition from one gait to another when judging Classic Pleasure. It is imperative that the Classic Pleasure horse give the distinct appearance of being a pleasure to ride or drive with emphasis on the walk and smooth transitions.
E. Western PleasureThe Western Pleasure section is a very popular and competitive section of our division. Judges must heavily penalize presentations which include long, loose, draped reins; heavy contact; snatching and jerking; sawing; pulling or evidence of intimidation. Remember: Anything in the horse’s mouth other than a legal bit is not permitted in the Western Pleasure section.
F. Protective HeadgearJudges must remember that protective headgear is allowed, and may not be penalized, in all Morgan classes. Individuals wearing protective headgear must not be discriminated against in any class.
G. Balance and Cadence/Laboring ActionThe Judging Standards Manual states: “Judges shall seriously fault any horse that is laboring, pounding, landing on the heel, winging, or paddling, whether due to faulty conformation, extremes of length and/or angle of the hoof, weight, and/or balance of shoe. In all classes the gaits must be true and correct. Mixed gaits demonstrating improper cadence and balance must be penalized.
H. Park SaddleThe gaits of the Park Saddle Horse are: Walk, Park Trot and Canter. Not “Stand,” Park Trot, and Canter. You must penalize the Park Saddle horse that does not attempt to walk at all. Remember, it can be two beat as long as the horse demonstrates a degree of regimentation without undue restraint.
Thank you for your time and dedication to the Morgan Horse. Please feel free to contact any committee member with questions, comments or concerns.
Cindy Mugnier and Larry BolenAMHA Judging Standards CommitteeGrand National NewsMemorial Scholarship Named for Alex MooneyThe show committee for the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® is pleased to announce that a $5,000 annual memorial scholarship has been created in Alex Mooney’s name. Details will be forthcoming.Alex Mooney passed away on April 2 at the age of 26. She fought her battle with Cystic Fibrosis head on and never with a complaint. Her love for the Morgan horse and all the people in that community was legendary and in return she received so much love. The Grand National committee wants to pay it forward with the creation of this special scholarship for youth.Industry NewsTime to Ride Launches 2019 Pilot Program: Applications Now Being AcceptedTime To Ride®, a program of the American Horse Council’s Marketing Alliance, is now accepting applications for its 2019 pilot program.
The new Time To Ride program is designed to introduce school-age children to horseback riding and horse care in a safe, welcoming environment. The goal is to familiarize school-age children with horses through an initial series of lessons that include basic horse care as well as riding.
Equine facilities and instructors must meet specific requirements to be considered for the pilot program. All instructors must either hold a current professional membership with one or more national breed or discipline associations, be certified as an instructor through a recognized program such as Certified Horsemanship Association or licensed as a riding instructor in the state in which they teach.
Barns and instructors meeting the program’s standards will be designated Time To Ride Program Facilities and be given marketing tools, techniques and assistance to help in reaching out to their local schools, youth groups, recreational departments and similar organizations to provide a set of six to eight introductory lessons. The program emulates the golf industry’s The First Tee, in which school-age kids are introduced to golf through a series of lessons at a local golf course. The First Tee has reached 15 million children since its start in 1997.
For 2019, Time To Ride will select 20-30 facilities from across the US to participate in the pilot program, representing a cross-section of breeds and disciplines.
Facilities selected for the pilot program will receive gifts and discounts from Marketing Alliance member companies and organizations, including a free one-year Professional Membership from United States Pony Clubs, free Fan Memberships from US Equestrian, a coupon for a free bag of Purina horse feed, a complimentary copy of Platinum Performance magazine, discounts on purchases from Certified Horsemanship Association, Troxel Helmets, Weaver Leather and more.
To learn more about Time To Ride, review the requirements and apply for the pilot program, visit Preference will be given to applications received by May 1, 2019.
About Time To RideTime To Ride is managed and funded by the American Horse Council Marketing Alliance. The Marketing Alliance was founded by a consortium of equine-related corporations and organizations to encourage and support the growth of the U.S. horse industry. Current members of the Marketing Alliance include: Active Interest Media/Equine Network, American Horse Council, Morris Media Network, Platinum Performance, Purina and Zoetis. Additional support is provided by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, American Paint Horse Association, American Quarter Horse Association, National Reining Horse Association, Troxel Helmets and Weaver Leather. Educational support is provided by Certified Horsemanship Association, US Equestrian and United States Pony Clubs.
For more information contact Molly O’Brien, Time To Ride Program Manager:; 202-891-7971.American Morgan Horse Association4066 Shelburne Rd.Suite 5Shelburne, VT 05482(802) ?  ?  ?  ?RegistryMembershipAbout AMHACopyright © 2019 American Morgan Horse Association. All Rights Reserved.
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